How to identify the overprint from Smolensk


In 1922 this stamp was issued (Michel nr.176 - Scott nr.201)
According the Michel catalogue the stamp is also issued with a "Handstempel-aufdruck".
Can someone tell me difference between them?
I think you can see it in the type of "7", if you look sharp the "7" on the left has sharp edges (RSFSR) and the "7" on the right has rounded edges (Smolensk). Is this right??

From the same type of stamp I have the following one:

Michel nr. 158P

This is Michel nr.190 or Scott nr. 210, but with a strange color. It should be the color like the stamps above, but it's black-green. So I think it is Michel nr 158P, but with a overprint, or is it a fake one?



If you have any literature or information lease let me know it.


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