Here is are some photo's from my collection of:

  • electric master clocks and slave clocks / Hauptuhr und Nebenuhr

  • Time switches / Zeitschalters und Schaltuhren

  • For the electricity meters / Drehstromzäahlers goto here


AEG - Hauptuhr / masterclock.

AEG ltg - time switch / Schaltuhr.

AEG slg - time switch / Schaltuhr.


AS_Mercury_time_switch_France <click on photo for more>

Benzing kontrolluhr - timerecorder.

Big Dutchman - Automatic poultry feeder / time switch

Big Dutchman - Automatic poultry feeder <click on photo for more>

Brillie - masterclock.

Bulle - Hauptuhr / masterclock.

Bürk - Hauptuhr / masterclock.

IBM Masterclock - movie on Youtube.

Industrie_Ab_Reflex Spanga Sweden

Industrie_ab_reflex<click on photo for more>

Landis&Gyr ML230r9.21f6 electricity meter / Drehstrohmzahler.

Landis&Gyr electricity meter <click on photo for more>

Lepaute - Hauptuhr / masterclock.

Magneta - masterclock.

Mehne - Hauptuhr / masterclock.

Meterfabriek Dordrecht kWh electricity meter

Meterfabriek Dordrecht kWh electricity meter <click on photo for more>

Moser Bear - movie on Youtube.

Novitas - S.A. Zurich type M G - Breveté ( time switch / Schaltuhr).

Brevet or Brevete is French for "patent" or "patented".

Novitas <click on photo for more>

Wagner (movie on Youtube) Hauptuhr / masterclock.

T&N Hauptuhr / masterclock.

Siemens - movie on Youtube.

Siemens kWh meter / Drehstrohmzahler, 3x230-400V - 10 (30)A

Siemens kWh meter <click on photo for more>

Siemens W9 electricity meter / Wechselstrohmzahler.

Siemens Wechselstrohmzahler <click on photo for more>

Inducta - movie on Youtube.

For all of the clocks I'm looking for the manuals and / or user instructions.


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