Here is an overview
of my literature and catalogues
of stamps, revenues etc.
(some are available to trade)
Author Description
Michel Stamp catalogue German
Michel 2007 All catalogues on 1 CD-Rom in color
Yvert&Tellier Stamp catalogue French
Stanley Gibbons Stamp catalogue English
Scott Stamp catalogue American (till 1940)
Scott 2007 Standard postage stamp catalogue
(on 2 DVD)
Zumstein Stamp catalogue (till 1947)
Forbin World catalogue revenues
F.G. Chuchin Russia zemstvos
Schmidt Reprint of 1934 catalogue of zemstvo stamps
Christian Ebnet Russland 1857-1917
Die staatlichen Postwertzeichen des kaiserlichen Russland - Ein spezialhandbuch
Barefoot & Hall Georgia incl. Batum, Transcaucasia, PO and revenues
Emile Marcovitch Vignettes of Russia
Higgins & Gage Postal stationary
Fred W. Speers Air Fleet Labels - Russian aerophilately
E.E. Stefanowsky Fiscal stamps of the soviet government
J.G. Moyes The general purpose Revenues - essays, proofs and specimens
Alnis The Alnis guide to Russian Levant fantasies
John R. Gentile Several articles from the "American Revenuer"
J. Barefoot Scandinavia revenues
J. Barefoot Russia revenues, 1st edition, issued in 2007
J. Barefoot Hungary revenues
John D Bonney
David J Lane
A catalogue of GB Commercial overprints
Part 1,The Utilities: Electricity, Gas&water Boards& Companies
Part 2, Banking and insurance
Part 3, local government
J. Barefoot & A. Hall British commonwealth revenues 1990
Yvert&Tellier Catalogue des timbres fiscaux et socio-postaux de France 1994
G.M Abrams and Henri Janton Revenue stamps of Monaco
Erler / Hagen Katalog der fiskalmarken von Österreich / Catalogue of the adhesive revenue stamps of Austria PART I
E.J. Enschedé Lijst van belastingzegels van Nederland, Nederlandsch Indië (incl. Japanse beszetting repoeblik Indonesia), Nieuw Guinea, Curacao, Nederlandse Antillen en Suriname
J. Barefoot Great Britain revenues
J. Barefoot Benelux Revenues
Erler / Hagen Katalog der fiskalmarken von Österreich / Catalogue of the adhesive revenue stamps of Austria PART II
Peter Poulsen catalog of Scandinavian revenue stamps part II Denmark
- Standard catalogue of the Japanese revenue stamps
Paolo de Magistris Catalogo generale delle Marche Da Bollo Italiana
Laszlo Eros Romanian revenue stamps catalogue 1995 catalogul timbrelor fiscale romanesti
Manfred Dobin Postmarks of Russian Empire (pre-adhesive period), issued in 1993
Rudolf Seichter Ukraine: Classic trident overprints.
UPR reprint series no. 1
H.G. Walburn Official catalog of CANADA PRECANCELS
seventh Edition 1965
Published by Gilbert W. Noble
- Nederlandse stadspost-zegels (local post Netherlands)


What I have on CD:

    • Hungary;
    • The Electronic Catalogue of the Russian Stamps;
    • The Dutch NVPH.
    • Michel - All catalogues on 1 CD-Rom in color.
    • Scott - Standard postage stamp catalogue (on 2 DVD).


    I'm looking for more information, articles or catalogues about revenues, cinderella's, perfins etc. from Russia, like:
    - Catalogues on CD's.
    - Specialized catalogues.


    So if you have something for me please mail me.


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