Here are some REALLY NICE CINDERELLAS from my collection
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Cinderella 1
These stamps were part of a set of 6, issued se-tenant; 1k, 2k, 3k, 4k, 5k, 10k. Issued by "The Soldiers' Kopek Society" of St. Petersburg in 1916.

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Cinderella 2

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Cinderella 3
This is not a Cinderella at all. This is a stamp for an office due (payments for documents and copies execution). Republican's issue. Without perforation, without watermarks, white paper. Series of 3 stamps: 1 ruble – yellowish-orange 3 rubles – green 5 ruble – blue 19,5x28.5 mm

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Cinderella 4

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Cinderella 5
Charitable stamp issued by Russian committee for help ill and injured Red army soldiers and war invalids. (VSEROKOMPOM). Oct, 1922, perforation 111/2 and without perforation, 14.5x19 mm. The second one of the series 2 rubls, another picture with- and without perforation

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Cinderella 6

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Cinderella 7
The 1st & 4th stamps are Soviet Air Fleet Semi-Official Stamps (Air Fleet Labels). 1st is Northwest District 1923-1924 probably printed at Petrograd. 2nd (4th stamp) is late 1924 series of the Moscow Local ODVF.

Issued by The Soviet of the Society of Fellows Aircraft (ODVF). This is North-West region of Russia: Leningrad, Kronshtadt, Pskov, Tver. Each Soviet of all these towns issued its own stamps. In my references this stamp is omitted. All issues took place between 1923 and 1936.

#4 Issued by Moscow Branch ODVF in 1924, Sept. (MODVF}. Series of 5 stamps: 5 kop, 10 kop, 25 kop, 50 kog (gold), 1 ruble (gold). Perforation 111/2 , white paper. Different pictures which are similar the issues from Central Soviet of ODVF but abbreviation is M.O.D.V.F.

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