This homepage is dedicated to stamps, whisky labels and lighthouses.

The stamps are related to postage stamps, zemstvos, revenues, perfins
and other strange and rare stamps like cinderella's and seals from
Russia (Imperial Russia, RSFSR and USSR) and Hungary (Magyar Posta).

The whisky is about my collection of more then
3550 different whisky labels from bottles.

There is also a very nice photo gallery of Dutch lighthouses and
it is about my stampcollection of lighthouses on stamps.
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Embassy seal
An old lighthouse
Embassy seal


My interests

My greatest hobby is collecting stamps, especially stamps from:
  • Imperial Russia, RSFSR and USSR, including revenues, zemstvos, cinderella's and other related items.
  • Unknown stamps from Russia and Hungary
  • Stamps and perfins from Hungary - Magyar Posta.
  • Julemærker from Denmark, but also from the other Scandinavian countries.
  • Stamps (topicals) with lighthouses on it, worldwide.
  • Catalogs and other literature about stamps.

I also collect whisky labels from bottles. At this moment I have more then 2950 different whiskylabels.



  • Not on stamps, but whisky labels from bottles, some information about whisky and some interesting links.
  • Whisky labels, some examples of my collection.
  • Overview in a text table of all my labels (more then 2950 different ones!!).
  • Just added I have scanned a part of my labels, about 170+.
  • My interview (pdf) for the Dutch magazine "Whisky etc." Only in Dutch.
Some nice whisky labels



Russia (imperial-R.S.F.S.R. and U.S.S.R.)

  • Revenues.
  • stamps before 1950, see my want-list.
  • zemstvos.
  • stamps which are not in the normal stamp catalogues, like:
    • army stamps.
    • private stamps (i.e. cinderella's).
    • cut-outs.
    • seals.
Nice cut-out


    • Armenia, ever seen the stamps in these colors, I didn't !
    • A really nice double perforation on a part of a sheet of the worker stamps.
    • The three periods of Russia, imperial Russia - R.S.F.S.R. and the U.S.S.R.
    • Unknown stamps - please help me to identify them, please also take a look at my cut-outs and cinderella's.
    • Identified stamps - have you ever seen these ?
    • Unknown perfins - please take a look at these rare items.
    • Revenues - take a look at my revenues. These are the more general ones.
    • Alcohol and Tobacco revenues from the late 1800's.
    • Zemstvos - all you wanted to know about Zemstvos.
      Example Zemstvo
    • Republics - read all about the Russian allied territories, republics and occupation areas.
    • Scans of my stamps from Russian allied territories, republics, occupation areas and bogus issues, like British occupation Batum, Levante, Ukraine, Deniken and several bogus issues.
    • Scans of non-postal exposition sheets from Russia, just a few examples.
    • Unique, more then 100 different scans of the non-postal exposition sheets.
    • Kargopol - see my latest acquisition, very nice cancellation!!
    • Occupation Azirbayedjan - all the stamps with this overprint.
    • Nostalgic Pictures from Russia, taken from very old postcards.
    • Smolensk - How to identify the overprint from Smolensk.
    • Rare stamps - take a look at really rare stamps, only a few known examples.
    • Municipals - nice: stamps from the Moscow police.
    • Cut-outs - nice: some old cut-outs from the late 1800, seems to be revenue papers.
    • Cinderella's - a lot of old cinderella's, just take a look. Does somebody know there purpose?
    • Military post: Czechoslovak army in Siberia.



  • stamps with the overprint PORTO.
    Examples porto
    Here are some examples.
  • stamps with the well known three hole triangle perforation.
  • stamps with perforations of firms - perfins.
  • stamps with overprints which are not in the normal stamp catalogues, like army stamps and private stamps. If you have any literature or information on this please let met know it.
    I have several stamps which I can't find, see the pictures. I hope someone can tell me more about them.
    Revenues - take a look at my revenues.


  • Julemærker from Scandinavia, here are some examples of Denmark.
    Jul from Denmark
  • From Denmark I also collect perfins.

    Topicals - Miscellaneous

    mainly the older ones, with lighthouses on it.
    I have an old catalogue from Seamark, fully illustrated which I want to exchange for a specialized catalogue of Russia or for information about revenues, cinderella's or for stamps.

  • Copernicus, the well known astronomer from Poland.
  • Windmills on stamps.
  • Telephones on stamps.
  • Precancels from Great Britain and Canada.

    Stamps from Jethou
  • Locals like Herm island, Lundy, Davaar, etc.
  • Geographical maps on stamp

Unknown stamps USSR - Hungary

I have several stamps, I think from Russia and Hungary which I can't find in the catalogues.
Please take a look and try to help me.
Lets take a look at the unknown Russian stamps and unknown Hungarian stamps or take a look at the identified revenues.
Thanks to you all I have identified some stamps, take a look at the identified stamps. I also have some stamps with a round hole in it, stamps from 1909/1917 (Michel nr. 79-95), and a stamp with the perforation M.N.V. Does anybody knows what that means?? See the (4) stamps.

Information and documentation

Bookshelf with a lot of information

I'm looking for information/documentation or catalogues about revenues, cinderella's, perfins etc. from Russia, like:
- specialized catalogues.
- Russian philatelic magazines 1996-1998. The name of the magazine is "Philatelia".

For an overview of my literature and catalogues please visit this page.

Furthermore I'm looking for people who want to trade with me. I'm looking for:

  • my missing stamps, see my latest wantlist for my missing stamps from Russia, Hungary and Denmark.
  • cinderella's.
  • revenues.
  • zemstvos.
  • perfins from Russia, Hungary and Denmark.

    I can offer stamps worldwide but have a lot of Russia and Hungary.



Lighthouse Wijk aan Zee Lighthouses - on stamps, replicas and a lot of links.
Picture gallery - of Dutch lighthouses.

Stamp related links

A lot of interesting and cool stamp related links.

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